The Committee on Community Colleges is charged with considering a range of issues that affect modern language teachers in two-year colleges, e.g., conditions of employment, staffing, curriculum, articulation with secondary schools and four-year institutions, the preparation and recruitment of faculty, and the encouragement of scholarship about teaching in the community college.

The committee should develop convention sessions and propose publications and other projects that will serve the needs of students and current and future teachers at two-year colleges.

To view a list of the committee’s members, please visit the MLA Web site.

Staff liaisons: Paula Krebs and Janine Utell (

Click here to view the committee notebook. The notebook outlines the responsibilities of committee members, chairs, and staff liaisons; provides a calendar of important dates and deadlines; and includes copies of the formal policies and procedures governing MLA committees and their members.

Minutes for Wednesday, 07 August 2023 Zoom Meeting

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