This working group discusses research on cultural and material production by people who experienced different forms of detention during modern military conflicts. It focuses on life writing, literary and poetry works, photography and visual artworks by civilian internees, prisoners of war and refugees between 1940 and the present.

Love and censorship in letters from Ethiopia

This is a draft of the paper that deals with the analysis of the letters Giuseppe Girasole, an illiterate man from Sant’Angelo di Brolo, sent to his wife in Sicily during his permanence in Africa from 1939 to 1946. Focusing on the production of a single POW should enable to have a better clue of his experience. However, most of the letters were subjected to censorship, so I also relied on oral history transmitted in the family domain through interviewing his descendants. Only speakable events were talked about leaving space for the creative process of speculating on silences.

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