Getting Started

This is a collaborative list of things that new MLA Commons users might consider doing as they get started in the network. Please add to the list (by clicking the edit button)

  1. Edit your profile. This will help other users find you. We’ll be adding more kinds of information that you can add to your profile in the coming weeks.
  2. Add an avatar. This can be a picture of yourself or an icon that you want to be associated with.
  3. Join a group. You’re already a member of some official MLA groups (corresponding to your division and discussion group memberships), but you might search for other groups you want to join.
  4. Start a group. If you have a special project or problem on which you want to collaborate with other MLA members, start a group and invite others to join it! You’ll have access to forums, document sharing, and other options specific to your group. This is covered in more detail here.
  5. Open a discussion. Start a new topic in a group forum in order to ask a question, share an idea, or look for other members with whom you can collaborate.
  6. Start a blog. This could be a blog that’s yours and yours alone, on which you share your work-in-progress, reading reflections, or other thoughts, or it could be a group blog on which you and your collaborators make public the work that you’re doing in your group. This is covered in more detail here.

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