The Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities is charged with considering a range of curricular, intellectual, and professional issues that affect both MA- and PhD-seeking graduate students studying language and literature at different types of academic institutions. The committee should organize convention sessions and consider association publications and other projects that will assist students while they pursue their education, gain experience as teachers, seek employment, and make a transition to the workplace. The committee is also charged with bringing issues that concern graduate students to the attention of the staff, the Executive Council, and other MLA committees that deal with activities that affect graduate students (e.g., the Job Information Service).

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Staff liaisons: June Di Marzo and Janine Utell (

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Call for papers – Balancing Personal Life and Academia

Roundtable challenging underlying assumptions of “work-life balance:” What is it? Does it exist? Bringing personal to work and vice verse, work-life balance in LGBT graduate community (co-sponsored by GLQ Caucus).

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Svetlana Tyutina ( and Sarah Kremen-Hicks (


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