The CLCS Global Arab and Arab American forum is interested in works of the Arab diaspora, including the cultural production of Arab American and global Arab writers. The category “Global Arab” allows for a broad conceptualization of diasporic and multilingual work situated within the various national, ethnic, religious, and cultural contexts of the Arab world and the Middle East. The designation “Arab American” is linked to the category “Global Arab” yet deserves special attention as a distinct subfield within American literature that engages with the discourses of race and ethnicity in the United States as well as with the history of Arab and Middle Eastern migrations to the Americas.

Call for Executive Committee Membership Nominations

The Global Arab and Arab American Forum is seeking to fill two positions on its Executive Committee. One of these positions will be for the duration of 4 years, as it replaces a founding member who had to resign, and one will be for 5 years. Eligible nominees should be MLA members and should not be currently serving on another MLA Forum’s Executive Committee. Please send your nominations (including self-nominations) to Pauline Homsi Vinson by January 28, 2015.

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