• Scaling Olympus: Exploring official language certifications at the CEFR C2 level

    Antony Hoyte-West (see profile)
    Common European framework of reference for languages, Language teachers--Certification, Language and languages--Study and teaching, Language and languages--Examinations, Language acquisition--Testing
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    For many foreign language learners, passing an examination at the C2 level – the sixth and highest level of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – can seem like a lofty goal. For educators, preparation requirements at this level can also be challenging, especially given common misconceptions about the degree of linguistic skill and knowledge required for candidates to complete the relevant qualification successfully. Accordingly, in first outlining the rationale and requirements for the CEFR C2 level according to the Council of Europe’s guidelines, this contribution aims to explore the official language qualifications available at this level of proficiency. As such, the range of accredited C2-level language certifications offered by institutional full members of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) will be investigated, primarily through analysis of the relevant websites for each individual C2 qualification. In comparing and contrasting these advanced-level examinations, which are offered across a range of European languages, it is intended to offer greater insights into the varying formats, structures, and requirements of official language certifications at the C2 level. Thus, it is intended to provide practical benefits not only for educators, but also for foreign language learners and examination candidates seeking to prepare for these qualifications.
    Hoyte-West, A. (2023). Scaling Olympus: Exploring official language certifications at the CEFR C2 level. Ezikov Svyat (Orbis Linguarum) / Езиков свят, 21(2), 78-87. https://doi.org/10.37708/ezs.swu.bg.v21i2.10
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