• Communication with AI, communication between AIs – field tests - preprint

    Aleksandra Fostikov (see profile)
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    Bing, ChatGPT, communication, Civilization, artificial intelligence, digital humanities, perplexity, "sentient", society
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    Recent breakthrough in the development of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as open access to some of its models created an opportunity to test them. Therefore practical tests of the following models in this moment available to us were performed: ChatGPT 3.5, Perplexity and Bing. Firstly, we tested human – AI communication with individual models through the “human dialogue”. In these cases, the emphasis was placed on various issues related to everyday life, but those communications also include the playing with AI, in order to examine how they perceive our natural reality and language. Then, attention was paid to the communication between AIs themselves. That conversation was conducted through an intermediary, that is, in this case, the author of this paper. In those cases, the author used the copy paste method to bridge their inability to communicate with each other, except in guided experiments. The communications between AIs unveiled that some questions have special interest to themselves. It should be noted that the communication between natural and artificial intelligence, that is, human-AI, differs from that between two AIs. It is not obvious only in the very essence of asking questions and answers, which can be based on natural social norms or biases, but also on the fact that their mutual communication is faster and more effective in certain cases where certain cooperation is needed in solving a certain problem. Also of particular interest is their mutual relationship in the consideration of data. In addition, the most differences could be seen in the set of questions for which they are interested. Moreover, there are some philosophical communication about AI itself and the relationship of the AI and humanity. Except presentations of above-mentioned tests, this paper also stressed out some conclusions based on derived data. At the end, the supplementary resources are added that contains raw data given in the form questions - answers.
    Review of the National Center for Digitization 43 (2023) - preprint
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