• Edgar Cayce “Sleeping Prophet” 1877 - 1945 - Famous Documented Psychic & Spiritual Healer-Leader! "The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” - w/ preamble “Spirituality is a natural human predisposition. K Adams & Hyde

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    Perhaps the most incredible case Edgar Cayce ever encountered was the case of the Dietrich child. In fact, because newspapers did publish the remarkable story of the Dietrich child, Edgar Cayce immediately became a sensation. In 1902, Cayce had just begun to gain a reputation as a healer. Aimee Dietrich was a six-year-old child who had become nearly catatonic since she had been beset by seizures at the age of two after an attack of La Grippe (influenza, flu). She now had as many as twenty seizures a day. Her growth as a child had ceased at age 2 and her intellectual functions had degenerated. She couldn’t recognize her father or mother. The Dietrich’s had taken their daughter Aimee to five different doctors. None of them knew what Aimee’s problem was and viewed her case a Siren hopeless case. In absolute desperation they asked for the help of Edgar Cayce since they had heard that Edgar Cayce had healed some people somewhat miraculously. At the request of the father, Edgar Cayce went to the home of the Dietrich’s on December 12, 1902, and gave a “reading” while in a trance. “When he awakened, Mrs. Dietrich was weeping.” (p. 177 river) Edgar Cayce’s reading indicated that just before she caught the grippe, she had “slipped and struck the end of her spine while getting out of the carriage,” and the infection had settled in her spine causing the seizures. While for the most part the causes of epilepsy are largely unknown, one of the specific causes listed is infections of the spine. Developed countries have more incidence of epilepsy and it is believed traumatic injuries and infection are the reason. Cayce prescribed osteopathic manipulations for the spine. Within a week Aimee called her mother and father by name and asked for her doll by name. (p.118 river) In his sworn affidavit of
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