• Licit Magic – GlobalLit Working Papers 17. Persian Literary Criticism in India: Khān-i Ārzū’s Critique of Ḥazīn’s Poetry

    Nasrin Askari (see profile)
    Hadel Jarada, Bakir Mohammad, Michelle Quay, Kayvan Tahmasebian
    Rebecca Ruth Gould
    Global Literary Theory, Islamicate Studies, Literary theory, Persian and Persianate Studies, Poetics and Poetry
    Literature, Middle Eastern literature, Literary theory, Rhetoric, Poetics, Poetry
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    GlobalLit, Translation, Multilingual, Persianate literature, literary criticism, Indo-persian
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    In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, when a new style of Persian poetry was developing in the Persianate world, several erudite literary critics appeared in India, whose meticulous critiques of Persian poetry was unprecedented in the long history of Persian literature. A close study of the works produced by these critics reveals their vast knowledge of Persian literary techniques and their attention to the details of semantics and forms in their evaluation of Persian poetry. A poet who was the main target of these critics was Ḥazīn Lāhījī (d. 1766), whose perception of the aesthetics of poetry did not align with that of some of his contemporaries in India. A serious critic of Ḥazīn’s verses was the eminent litterateur, philologist, lexicographer, and poet Khān-i Ārzū (d. 1756), whose critique of Ḥazīn’s poetry motivated a number of other critics to write their own critique of Ḥazīn’s verses and pass judgements on Ārzū’s critique of Ḥazīn’s poetry. This issue of GlobalLit Working Papers, presents in English translation excerpts from Ārzū’s critique of Ḥazīn’s verses, and the critiques of two scholars who tried to a be fair judges between Ārzū and Ḥazīn.
    This series is part of a project that has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant agreement No. 759346.) For more working papers of the series, visit https://globallit.hcommons.org/licit-magic-working-papers/. For a presentation of the series, visit https://medium.com/global-literary-theory
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