• Academic Library-Supported Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons

    Rachel Castro (see profile) , Niamh Wallace
    Academic libraries, Wikipedia, Feminism and the arts
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    2023 ARLIS/NA Conference
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    Art+Feminism (A+F) began in 2014 in response to research that documented a widespread gender gap in Wikipedia articles and spoke to a need for increased representation from cis and trans women and people of color. Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. By supporting Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, Art+Feminism builds a community of activists committed to closing information gaps related to gender, feminism, and the arts. Academic libraries have partnered with A+F to organize and host edit-a-thons at their own institutions and use an online dashboard system provided by Art + Feminism to manage events. We worked with A+F staff to download the raw data from the event dashboard to assess the overarching trends and impacts of academic library-supported edit-a-thons. This poster will present data on academic-library-hosted edit-a-thons, including how many libraries have participated, the number of articles created and edited, the number of references added, article views, the number of editors, the number of new editors per year, the languages used, etc. By presenting this poster we hope to share our own edit-a-thon experience with fellow attendees, illustrate the impact of Wikipedia edit-a-thons toward making Wikipedia a more equitable and robust platform, and gauge which information is most relevant as we plan our approach toward developing a scholarly article about our findings.
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