• In the artist's words

    VÂNIA MARA ALVES LIMA (see profile) , Marina Marchini Macambyra
    Indexing, Artists, Controlled vocabularies, Digital libraries
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    Conference paper
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    2023 ARLIS/NA Conference
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    Mexico City
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    April 18th to 21st
    Terminology, artist files, indexing
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    The number of projects with the objective of digitizing textual documents, images or three-dimensional objects to safeguard and expand their access in libraries and art archives is increasing with the emergence of Digital Humanities. Mainly on the web, the access to the volume of data and information available is impacted by the challenge of representing and retrieving texts and images to meet the information demanded by a public, made up of artists, librarians, archivists, and researchers with a more specialized knowledge in the field of Visual Arts, as well as by students and simple people interested in the subject. The knowledge of a scientific, technological or artistic domain only happens when we appropriate the concepts of that domain, when we understand the discourses built there. In the field of Visual Arts, from the artist's words it is possible to identify, represent and retrieve the knowledge, and consequently the information, present in a work of art. We selected works by artists linked to the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (Brazil), which are registered in the Digital Library of the Artistic Production (DLAP). The DLPA includes photographic records of practical artistic works (artist's books, drawings, prints and photographs) and theoretical reflection texts on the most diverse supports, techniques and artistic languages, illustrated with photographs of the analyzed works. It is expected to identify, in the artist's words, the terms that can improve the controlled vocabularies, traditionally constructed from the viewpoint of the indexer, used in the processes of searching and retrieving information in the Visual Arts. Despite the difficulties inherent to the process, this method of analysis makes it possible to improve both the precision and the relevance of indexing for researchers, being, probably, the best way of approaching the meanings contained in their works.
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