• Two Libraries, One Audience: Collaborating to Transform Graduate Art History Instruction

    Shira Eller (see profile) , Anne Simmons
    Library orientation, Museum libraries, Academic libraries, Teaching
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    Conference poster
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    2023 ARLIS/NA Conference
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    Mexico City, Mexico
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    2023 ARLIS/NA Conference
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    Our poster presents the advantages of academic and museum librarian collaboration in supporting graduate student research. University library instruction is often geared toward specific classes in a specific place, perhaps for a specific assignment. Museum library visits are often one-off experiences detached from everyday research practice. Graduate students, however, are embarking upon a career not bound to a specific library collection or methodology. How can we prepare students to take advantage of the rich resources across institutions? In the Fall of 2022, Shira Loev Eller, Art and Design Librarian at George Washington University and Anne Simmons, Research and Programs Librarian at The National Gallery of Art, both in Washington, DC, developed an audience-centered instruction session in which we both addressed student’s practical research needs (by strategizing research for a specific class assignment) and cultivated and refined students’ future research practice (by providing a foundation of knowledge about resources across institutions). We outline our process of planning a joint library instruction session for first year Art History MA students at the university. A required art historiography course was chosen as the venue, in order to reach all incoming art history graduate students. The academic librarian proposed the collaborative session to the professor, who was on board with experimenting with a new instruction format. Goals included introducing students to resources at both libraries and increasing comfort with reaching out to librarians at both institutions. Students were asked to share topics and research roadblocks, and librarians provided advice on pertinent resources. Feedback from students was collected via a Google form.
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