• Curating, Capturing and Digitizing Culinary Heritage…at Scale!

    Robert Danhi (see profile)
    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
    Ethnology, Knowledge management, Mobile computing, Databases, Subject headings, Ontology, Culture, History
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    Global Digital Humanities Symposium 2023
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    Michigan State University
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    Michigan State University
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    March 17th, 2023
    China, concept map, digital ethnography, Fermented, Flavor360, FoodOn, IC-FOODS, knowledge management, Knowledge Map, southeast asia
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    Every day, we lose the stories, traditions, and recipes in every corner of the world. With these natural human resources disappearing at an alarming rate, there is an urgent need to capture the culinary wisdom of our family, friends and elders. Using algorithms to parse through randomly captured, unstructured data from online and print big data won’t solve this growing problem. Effective curation, capturing and sharing of cultural heritage, food stories and culinary wisdom is necessary to preserve these resources that are being depleted with each passing day. Our collective intelligence will discover insights into the how’s and why’s these food evolved. Together we will sustain the community to preserve the past, document the present, and together guide the future evolution of food and beverage cultures globally. This presentation will share out on current global activities on building ontological knowledge graphs and open source digital infrastructure to capture structure cultural heritage at scale. This session also includes a multimedia presentation on case study on Sichuan’s Chengdu chili-bean paste, Pixian Douban Djan with all research conducted during COVID hence 100% executed by locals guided by mobile app to record stories from the streets, homes and restaurants.
    Research and Presentation by Chef Robert Danhi www.chefdanhi.com
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