• Multilingual Computational Linguistics (Lecture, presented at the University of Passau in the Winter Term 2022-2023)

    Johann-Mattis List (see profile)
    Classical Philology and Linguistics, Digital Humanists, Linguistics, NLP for Ancient languages
    Computational linguistics, Computational linguistics--Methodology, Computational linguistics--Network analysis
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    computer-assisted language comparison, computational linguistics, multilingual computational linguistics
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    While the discipline of computational linguistics mostly deals with the modeling and the investigation of individual languages (often “big” languages such as English, German, Arabic, or Chinese), Multilingual Computational Linguistics focuses on the comparison of languages, trying to develop new methods and techniques by which languages can be compared automatically or in a computer-assisted manner. The comparison itself follows different perspectives (maintaining a historical, typological, or areal viewpoint). In this scientific practice course, we will take a closer look at basic theories and methods which are relevant for the discipline of Multilingual Computational Linguistics. We will look at large corpora with multiple languages of the world as well as data from individual languages and language families. If wanted, we can focus on specific language families, which are relevant for the studies of the participants. Thematically, we want to look at the inference of cognates, the detection of borrowings, the reconstruction of phylogenies, and the modeling of semantic change and sound change. If participants are specifically interested in topics that we could additionally cover, they should write a short email before the end of January, to give us time to check if we can include those topics in the course.
    An earlier version of the lecture was published under DOI 10.53962/s1bk-kr7d. This version has been corrected in two points.
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