• Primena novih tehnologija u istorijskoj geografiji: aplikacija HGIS-a i njegove mogućnosti

    Aleksandra Fostikov (see profile)
    Historical geography, Digital humanities, Middle Ages, Global Positioning System, Geographic information systems, Historical geographic information systems
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    The shortest definition of the historical geography – that it is a science about man's relation to his geographical environment, the relationship of a specific geographic area at a particular time, and that is bring together geographic area and the lives of people in the past. As a synthesis of two sciences, history and geography, the humanities and the natural, historical geography have a prerequisite to the application of new technologies, not only to accelerate the research, but also widen and deepen existing knowledge necessary for further understanding the relations and interrelations in the context of space-time. The applying new technologies in historical geography, especially GPS and GIS, have led in recent years to the creation of historical geographical information system so called HGIS (HGIS - Historical Geographic Information System), in which the underlying historical data in addition to geographical places, as his attribute. Although fairly new, this technological approach has already gained many adherents among contemporary historiography, and its advantages over traditional methods of recognition, such as the ability to link existing data in a specific way, or that the database used in many ways, become more apparent. It is necessary to point out that the use of HGIS, not only leads to conditions for spotting new facts and relationships, and even setting up new questions, but also enables the testing of existing theory or model.
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