• Women as Actor and Object in Arts: An Exploratory Reading of the Reference Literature in the Sociology of Art

    Hamza Andaloussi (see profile)
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    Women and Art, Sociology of Art, Gender studies, Feminism, Art and Society
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    Through this study, we aim at analyzing the most important “reference and foundational” sociological writings regarding the issue of “women and the arts.” We will apply to these writings methodological techniques such as “classification according to the historical process,” as well as “interpretation and comparison”; All in order to answer an “epistemological” problem related to the dialectical situation that relates to the position of women in the arts, between intellectual current emphasizing the masculinity and traditionalism of the arts, and other current highlighting the critical dynamism that characterizes some artistic currents. In the same context, we will examine the various theoretical approaches and applied methodologies used in these researches, in order to form a general theoretical framework on the theoretical and methodological mechanisms that can be benefited from, especially in light of the small number of researches belonging to the sociology of art in the Arab world. In this context, we seek, through this study, to present a bibliographical collection of “Western” sociological literature that addressed gender issues in relation to the arts. The goal is to contribute to the enrichment of the Arab library in the field of sociology of art on the one hand, and to attract the interest of the Arab reader on the other hand to the importance of “the fields of art and screen” as tools for socialization with a “soft” power that can control individuals and influence their representations.
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