• Врява и ярост: Археология на домашния скандал

    Todor Hristov (see profile)
    Pragmatics, Families, Discourse analysis, Sex role, Critical theory
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    Family, family therapy, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Lacan, john Austin, michel foucault, psychiatry, public health, Stanley Cavell
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    The Sound and The Fury: Archeology Of Marital Quarrels The object of study is speech in marital quarrels. The argument is based on scenes of quarrels represented in literary, medical, sociological, pedagogical texts, newspaper articles, court hearings, psychiatric cases, transcriptions of therapeutic or everyday conversations. The study amalgamates the methodological perspectives of critical theory, discourse analysis, pragmatics and cultural studies. The goal is to provide an account of the discursive mechanisms that the actors in a marital quarrel use in order to articulate a statement beyond the sayable, for example by means of improvising with language, pragmatic conventions or knowledge. The strategy of the study consists in identifying such messages that the other participants in the scene tend to discard as meaningless voices, or in other words, to ignore them as noises. Starting from such unsayable statements, the analysis outlines their conditions of possibility by tracing the paradigmatic, syntagmatic and negative functions, the concepts, objects, subject positions, discursive modalities that make the statements possible; the mechanisms of desire, knowledge, power, capital triggered by the statements; the effects, strategies and tactics they bring about or open up. The marital scenes analyzed in the book are composed in a narrative about the attempts of teachers, priests, physicians, hygienists, sexologists, psychiatrists, publicists to manage quarrels as a risk both to the families themselves, to the future of their children and to the society in general. The narrative however does not describe the history or the story of such attempts at intervention, it rather tries to account for their geology in the sense of strata of knowledge providing the ground for family therapy (which is of key importance to the general argument as many of the transcripts of conversations are taken from family therapy sessions).
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