• Personal Cyber-Data Literacy Plurality in Routinized-Prescriptive and Relational-Holistic Cyber-Regimes

    Peter Pennefather
    Kanishka Sikri (see profile)
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    Ursula Franklin encouraged all who would listen to act in ways that are socially useful and personally satisfying. Over two decades ago, in her Massey Lectures on The Real World of Technology, she warned about the unsustainability of prescriptive bitsphere technology regimes determined by precisely routinized compliance. She advocated for alternative holistic regimes determined by care-full relational consideration. Cyber-data literacies are defined as allowing individuals to use and benefit from data associated with their digital practices. Routinized literacies are being mis-afforded by behaviour manipulation through learning systems built on cyber-surveillance and broken personal data markets. This critical essay calls for a re-imagining of cyber-data literacies as socially useful and personally satisfying relational digital practices rather than merely routinized digital media utilization skills. A meta-synthesis of neuro-cognitive and hermeneutic theory is used to frame a comparison of cyber-data literacies afforded by cyber-regimes of exclusive compliance and inclusive consideration. Inspired by Hanah Arendt’s concept of human plurality, the essay analyses how personal cyber-data literacies are constrained and afforded by human diversity. Personal cyber-data are conceptualized as lifeworld givens, entangled with personal knowledge and experience, oriented and determined by data cognitive artifact constraints and affordances, and filtered through individuated foresight and insight. Despite foresight plurality, a capacity for distributed cognition and intelligence arises from shared mind/brain architectures and bio-psycho-social-relational determinants of a shared human biology. The essay examines opportunities and benefits of promoting cyber-data literacy plurality, grounded in personal data made meaningful to both people and machines through meta-narratives constructed using personal cyber-data by people the data are about.
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