• Troy and the Trojan War: the archaeology of an epic

    Jeffrey A. Becker (see profile)
    Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean archaeology, Archaeology, Classical archaeology
    Euripides, Trojan War
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    Trojan War, Troy, Euripides and the Trojan War
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    Troy has long captured the human imagination. The story of its fall and the tales of both its inhabitants and besiegers have caught the attention of artists and their audiences from antiquity to post-modernity. It seems we are drawn to the struggle that is Troy and the Trojan War, to the paragons of virtue, and the archetypes of other, less noble human traits. The idea of the siege seemingly without end, the feuds among defenders and besiegers alike, and, perhaps above all, the story of deities intervening in human events grant a certain universal (and timeless) appeal to the story. It is not surprising, then, that the search for Troy has been a long one – where did these events take place? Did Homer’s Trojan War really occur? What links might there have been between the end of the Bronze Age in the Aegean world and the time of Homer? This course engages the archaeology and reception of Troy and the Trojan War from a number of perspectives, with the ultimate goal being a contextualization of the place and its associated narratives in such a way that students will emerge from the course with a contextualized view of Troy, the Trojan War, and its place in global culture. The course also addresses key elements of the reception of the Trojan War and its themes, in both antiquity and in our own time.
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