• The Impacts of Performance Records, Influence Potential and Passion on Leadership Training Productivity.

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    Influence potential, Leadership training productivity, Multiple regression, Passion, Performance record
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    As Organizational leadership training, whether in leadership or technical skills, is a crucial instrument for achieving strategic goals. Assessing leadership training productivity is important because it shows how well the training funds are used and whether the training was enough to be a profitable investment for the organization. High performers and employees with influence potential and passion are more likely to be welcomed to leadership training programs. This research empirically examined how leadership training productivity is impacted by the selection of leadership training participants based on performance record, influence potential, and passion for leadership training. We also investigated the impact of other training characteristics on leadership training productivity. We test our hypotheses using a primary dataset of 249 leadership training participants across Volga district in 2017. The multiple regression results show that participant selection based on performance record, and influence potential do not significantly impact leadership training productivity. The selection based on passion, however, has a positive and significant impact on leadership training productivity. The results also indicate that the training atmosphere, delivery method, training materials, training timetable, and passion have a significant positive impact on leadership training productivity. Training facilities, however, did not have any impact on leadership training productivity. The findings of this study may aid management in addressing the selection shortcomings of their leadership development programs.
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