• Playing together: modular tools and Pliny

    John Bradley (see profile)
    Digital humanities, Research, Methodology
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    Conference paper
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    Digital Humanities 2008
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    University of Oulu
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    Oulo, Finland
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    June 2008
    Modularity, Annotation, Digital humanities research and methodology
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    In the early days the Digital Humanities (DH) focused on the development of tools to support the individual scholar to perform original scholarship, and tools such as OCP and TACT emerged that were aimed at the individual scholar. Very little tool-building within the DH community is now aimed generally at individual scholarship. The Pliny project (Pliny 2006-7) attempts to draw our attention as tool builders back to the user of digital resources rather than their creator, and is built on the assumption that the software application, and not the browser, is perhaps the best platform to give the user full bene fit of a digital resource. Further to the issue of tool building is the wish within the DH community to create tools that work well together. This problem has often been described as one of modularity – building separate components that, when put together, allow the user to combine them to accomplish a range of things perhaps beyond the capability of each tool separately. Pliny provided a platform to explore the GUI side of this issue: how one could be building GUI-oriented software applications that, although developed separately, support a richer set of interactions and integration on the screen. For Pliny, the question arises from a consideration of Pliny’s first issue since note-taking is by its very nature an integrative activity – bringing together materials created in the context of a large range of resources and kinds of resources. In this presentation a few examples of tools that integrate within Pliny are shown.
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