• Pliny: A Response to the B2C

    John Bradley (see profile)
    Digital humanities, Research, Methodology
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    Conference poster
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    Digital Humanities Conference 2006
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    5-9 July 2006
    Pliny Project, Annotation, Digital humanities research and methodology
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    Shortened abstract from DH 2006 proceedings: For a number of years now the WWW has acted as the dominant paradigm for the delivery of digital resources for the humanities. At King College London’s CCH and indeed at other computing humanities centres with which I am familiar, a “digital project” is in almost all cases equated to a project that delivers its results to a user community over the WWW. Recently has been more radical rethinking of how interaction might be enriched beyond this from the commercial sphere: characterised as B2C and B2B. In B2C transactions the customer was seen as an individual who needs little more than choose the product, indicate how s/he wanted to pay for it, and specify where the goods where to be shipped to. When businesses wanted to sell goods to large businesses over the internet – “B2B” (“business to business”). – the process became more complex. It has been my contention for some time that the humanities end user needs more like B2B access to resources than B2C. The recent Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities, held at the University of Virginia, discussed some of these issues, and it emerged that one of areas for new tools was in the area of “scholarly interpretation”. Pliny is a prototype of such a tool for this area by focusing on scholarly notetaking. Since in Pliny these notes are digital, they are potentially available for further manipulation, and Pliny demonstrates some of things users might want to do with them. In my demonstration I will be showing a mature Pliny prototype. I will show how Pliny’s Eclipse software base supports the development of a whole set of independently built tools that would provide a much richer level of interaction between them than is practical elsewhere. Finally, I will describe how Pliny show the way towards a richer and more sophisticated experience by taking on more of the B2B model.
    winner of first prize for best poster at DH 2006: Paris
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