• Restorative Justice as Opposed to Traditional Justice in Case of Children in Bangladesh

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    In Bangladesh, it is seen that hundreds of children are involved in judicial proceedings every year as a victim of a crime or defenseless and in need of legal protection. We need to develop a justice system for children that will be child-friendly. Children are facing new problems in accessing and participating in the justice system due to lockdowns in the traditional justice system and suspension of courts in judicial processes. Confinement measures and rising levels of economic hardship may leave children more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. There should develop a system or process through which children's rights can be protected, the interests of children can be ensured, at the same time protection of children which will reduce the stress of children and they will grow smoothly in nature. But it is believed that restorative justice may reduce ferocity against children, re-oppress helplessness, and threaten the security of the affected child. Then again, restorative justice also may arrange to listen to the victim's story more carefully, through which the opportunity to make blame to victims is less created. This paper aims to test whether restorative justice can be used in the case of child victims or not? If yes, how to do it? Keywords: Restorative justice, children, traditional justice.
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