• Äännesymbolisen sanaston etymologioinnin ongelmia

    Katja Heikkonen (see profile)
    Sampsa Holopainen, Janne Saarikivi
    Language and languages--Etymology, Historical linguistics, Linguistics, Uralic languages
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    onomatopeia, phonestheme, sound symbolism, Etymology, Uralic linguistics
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    Onomatopoeia and descriptivity have been accepted as etymological explanations in Uralic linguistics, especially in cases when other kinds of explanations have not been found. In addition, these terms are often mentioned in etymological dictionaries, but no clear explanation has been provided as to what these concepts really are about and how these phenomena influence language change. Typical features of sound symbolic vocabulary include a great deal of variation, affect and sporadic sound changes. A language speaker understands that the word describes its referent in some way with its phonetic form, which means they seem to be nonarbitrary. There are remarkable differences between dictionaries in the use of the terminology. The criteria for defining sound-symbolic/expres-sive/onomatopoeic/descriptive words in etymological dictionaries remain unclear. It is also unclear why exactly these terms are used in particular cases to explain word origins. If etymological problems could be solved by studying conventional sound symbolism, this would help us to eliminate incorrect or unexplained etymologies. According to many studies, conventional sound-symbolic elements, or phonesthemes, are used in the formation of onomatopoeic and descriptive words. Phonesthemes are sound sequences that have conventional sound symbolic meaning. In terms of their semantics, phonesthemes may represent any human sense, not only audition. Sound symbolic word families have developed around phonesthemes. A sound symbolic word family often consists of relatively young words. Sound symbolic words, i.e. words containing phonesthemes, may have many kinds of origins. A sound symbolic word can be a loanword that has joined an older sound symbolic word family, or the word can be an old word containing a phonestheme. Additionally, sometimes the phonestheme itself is a loan. Sound symbolic word formation and the productivity of phonesthemes in the Uralic languages are topics that require further research.
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