• A Iconografia Mariana no Espaço Jesuíta Português: Culto e Devoção à Virgem Maria na Igreja do Colégio de Jesus de Coimbra

    Rooney Pinto (see profile)
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    Framed mainly in the context of Religious Art, particularly in the field of sacred art and iconography, this research had as object of study the Marian iconography in the Portuguese Jesuit space, worship and devotion of the Virgin Mary at Igreja do Colégio de Jesus de Coimbra (Church of the College of Jesus in Coimbra). Based on the analysis from the European Christian context to the Portuguese Christian context, the evolution of spirituality and devotion of the Virgin Mary emerged. It was found that the evolution of spirituality and theological debates on the divine motherhood of Mary reflected on the Marian iconographic programs. Therefore, we sought to identify the relevant iconographic elements to the various representations of the Virgin. The religious orders played a crucial role in promoting devotion to Mary. Many churches, chapels and shrines dedicated to Our Lady in Portugal appraise the strong presence of this devotional element. This research trend culminated in the analysis of the Company of Jesus' role on the promotion of Marian worship and devotion in Portugal, especially at Igreja do Colégio de Jesus de Coimbra. With the support of King John III, the Jesuits developed their educational apostolate in Portuguese lands, building colleges and strengthening its relationship with society. As many other Company's churches, Sé Nova (the New Cathedral) in Coimbra (former Igreja do Colégio de Jesus) displays in its chapels and altarpieces, several elements that identify the relevance of worship and devotion to the Virgin Mary for the Order. Marian devotion has proved to be a strong element that is present in the Company of Jesus' history, being widely exploited in the sacred art of the Jesuit churches and especially in the Company’s propaganda. Finally, it was concluded that the Igreja do Colégio de Jesus de Coimbra (current New Cathedral) has indications that show the high influence of the Jesuits in the promotion of Marian devotion in Portugal.
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