• The US-RSE Association: Bringing Together Research Software Engineers

    Jeff Carver, Ian Cosden, Julia Damerow (see profile) , Charles Ferenbaugh, Sandra Gesing, Chris Hill, Daniel S. Katz, Christina Maimone, Lance Parsons
    ACH 2021
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    ACH 2021
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    Jul 21-23, 2021
    Professional associations, Research Software Engineering, research software engineers, software development
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    Digital Humanities brings, among other things, digital sources, algorithms, and software into the field of humanities. This typically requires additional skills and expertise from disciplines outside of the humanities such as programming knowledge, data science, or statistics. The more complex the envisioned digital output, the more in-depth technical skills are usually required. This is true for most academic disciplines; many projects cannot be accomplished anymore without collaborating with someone with technical expertise. Often this expertise can be found in software engineers who work with researchers on their projects. Depending on the context, many of these people call themselves Research Software Engineers. Over the last 10 years, the awareness for this role within academia has steadily increased. The first association of Research Software Engineers was founded in 2013 in the UK, followed by several other national associations. In early 2018, the United States Research Software Engineer Association (US-RSE) was established with the goal to create a community, advocate, and provide resources for Research Software Engineers in order to advance research by improving the quality and trustworthiness of research software. US-RSE holds regular community calls, hosts virtual workshops, and had its first annual member meeting in December 2020. US-RSE has grown quickly from a couple of members to over 600 within just three years. This poster will present the US-RSE Association, its goals and initiatives. It will be an invitation to everyone doing the “technical part” of a digital humanities project to join and find like-minded people for exchange and support.
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