• Geschichte vor dem Kataklysmos? Das Ende von “great game” und “Geopolitik” und das Ende der Veräppelung des Planeten!

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    Neuss: Bruno Buike 2020, 589/594 p. - E73 - This is rather more a REFLECTION, than a monography, where history may be headed to: To manmade Kataklysmos? Heavenly Apocalypse? Following a CONSTRUCTIVE pattern for "building civilizations" or rather more the contrary, which is DESTRUCTION BY DESIGN? Within that I deal with several attempts on the keyword "long range plans" in history - but BEYOND "conspiracy-theries", freemasons, gnosticism, underground-NAZIS and a MANIPULATED Western Christiany by Vaticanum II., 1962.1965. For Germans perhaps essential: a NEWLY formed HYPOTHESIS on a "Reichswehr constant 1807-1956" with rather at first shocking felt details, that for instance World War II was PLANNED, NOT accidential, that German and Russian Commanders in 1941 PARTLY KNEW each other (because of German-Soviet military cooperation 1920-1930, in which was included a "training program for general-staff-officers" (sic!)). - Well, from SYSTEM-THEORY the argument would be, that EVERYTHING can be treated somehow. To which certain religions would object: NO, the COSMOS and CREATION should show decisive signs of TARGETS for development AS INTENDED BY ITS CREATOR - so to avoid "meaningless gaming" only! And insofar it may turn out, that "system-indifference" is a WRONG impression, with only PARTIAL validity - because of our HUMAN RESTICTIONS and DISABILITY of insight into the COSMOS, as the old Greek folks named it! So on the HUMAN level even this study did not get further, than that not eveything is "black or white", but mainly nuances of GREY. Tell you what, there may be out there CERTAIN nuances of GREY, to become very upset with, that especially for VICTIMS never ever may become acceptable or agreeable!
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