• Impact of Sanctions on the Level of Citizens’ Political Confidence in the Power in Russia: the Incentive Role of the Media

    Jyotirmaya Patnaik (see profile)
    Communication Studies, Digital Humanists, Feminist Humanities, Information Ecosystems
    Communication in politics, Social conflict--Political aspects, Public art, Communication
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    Media, political confidence, sanctions policy, interaction between the state and citizens., Media arts, Political communication, Political conflict
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    The study is based on the provision that citizens’ confidence in power determines the stability of the political and social system and is a prerequisite for the development of the country. One of the objects of sanctions pressure on Russia is the interaction of the state and civil society. The purpose of the study is to identify the effectiveness of the influence of Western sanctions on the level of political confidence of citizens in the Russian power, as well as to establish the incentive role of the media in this process. The direct and indirect, immediate, and the cumulative effect of sanctions causes both emotional and rational attitude of citizens to them and has positive and negative effects. The article concludes that under modern conditions, sanctions are more likely to strengthen than weaken the power; moreover, they strengthen the confrontational worldview in society. However, the cumulative nature of the impact of sanctions, coupled with a deterioration in the lives of Russians and the accumulation of their egocentrism, reduces the level of political confidence in the power and increases the risks
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