• The Overview of Media Resources in the Educational Process

    Jyotirmaya Patnaik (see profile)
    Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Digital Humanists, Feminist Humanities, Information Ecosystems
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    Media resources, educational process, digitalization, information environment, intellectual potential, Media studies, Media and conflict, Educational philosophy, Educational studies
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    Educational media resources are becoming increasingly popular. This actualizes the issues of identifying their role and significance in the educational process, typology, and classification of resources. The methodological basis of this study is an interdisciplinary approach. Based on a review of the literature, the constituent and functional components of an open digital educational environment are identified. The effects arising in the process of informatization of the educational environment are analyzed. It is proved that a new generation of educational media resources is formed as a result of the evolution of traditional learning management systems and their convergence with the principles of open education. This paper describes applications and online services designed to enrich the intellectual potential of participants in the educational process. The authors’ classification of educational media resources is presented in the study. The following characteristics were selected as the defining features for the classification of educational media resources: the technical form of resources, level of user training, user group, type of ownership, type of content, distribution technology, nature of user interaction, specifics. The main functions of an open multimedia educational environment are highlighted, which include compatibility and integration, personalization, analytics, collaboration, accessibility, and universal design. The opportunities for media resources in ensuring the continuity of modern education are revealed. General recommendations on the use of new media in the pedagogical process are given.
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