• Constructing Reality: Framing of the Kashmir Conflict in Dictatorial and Democratic Regimes in the Pakistani English Press

    Muhammad Yousaf, Bushra Hameedur Rahman Zahid Yousa
    Jyotirmaya Patnaik (see profile)
    Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Feminist Humanities, Film Studies, Information Ecosystems
    Journalism, Broadcast journalism, Public relations, Mass media, Mass media and war
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    Kashmir conflict, English Pakistani press, Framing techniques, dialogue frame, dictatorial-democratic regimes., Media and conflict
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    This paper examines the framing of Kashmir conflict in the editorials of three PakistaniEnglish newspapers, The Nation, The Nation, and Dawn during dictatorial (Musharraf regime, 2005-2007) and the democratic regime (Zardari regime (2008- 2010). It argues that in case of conflict press conforms to the government policies, change in governments also has an effect on how the press changes its coverage on the conflict according to the policies of the government. The study utilizes a content analysis method to examine the use of framing techniques in the newspapers. Findings supported that the Pakistani press indexed the ruling elite’s stance in both regimes. It was found that during the dictatorial regime, as Kashmir conflict was high on agenda, Pakistani English press gave more coverage to Kashmir conflict as compared to the democratic regime. The results also showed that during the dictatorial regime, the dialogue frame to resolve the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan was high, which was also in line with the policy of Musharraf’s autocratic regime. Surprisingly, the press coverage in both regimes regarding the self-determination right for Kashmiris in the light of UNO resolutions, Pakistan’s longstanding stance, was minimal. The implications of the results are discussed.
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