• National Clean Air Programme, 2019: Critical Analysis

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    Human ideology says that the air is free although the cost for pollution control is very high and in order to improve the diminishing air quality of the country in 2019 Indian Government launched the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) all across India in 122 cities. This paper deals with background information, goals, objectives, sources and other clean air plans as mentioned under NCAP. In the following paper, a chart naming the cities which were identified as non-attainment cities where this plan will be executed at initial level before implementing it all across the country. Also, identified the sectors contributing to the reducing air quality at alarming rates such as transport contributing up to 50%, construction work, road dust, waste burning etc. Other specific government initiatives to improve air index are also exhaustively observed and assessed such as air quality monitoring programme. The management plans and roles of different authorities and other needs imperative for the action plans for instance insuring required infrastructure using implementation plans mentioned under NCAP. Additionally, the action plan also contained information about financial requirements but there is inadequate information about their allocation. We minutely observed lacking areas of this action plan being the legal sanction backing up the action plan from the root level which is vital and its absence can lead this action plan downhill. New Voluntarily vehicle scrapping policy discussed in Budget session 2021 playing a crucial role for the future of NCAP is also discussed. By concluding this review with several recommendations such as promoting eco-friendly ways to reduce emission by usage of bicycles for short distance travelling, and operating in a bottom up approach for better and speedy implementation of the action plan.
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