• Students and Teachers Perceptions of ICT Use in Classroom: Pakistani Classrooms

    Sharoon Javaid, Ashar Johnson Khokhar (see profile)
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    Conference paper
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    The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2016
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    The International Academic Forum
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    Kobe, Japan
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    April 28 - May 1
    ICT Integration, Perceptions, students, Teachers
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    The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become a major driving force in transforming education throughout the world. The usage of ICT in Pakistan has increased many folds in the last 10 years. The latest educational policy of the Government of Pakistan has stressed on using ICT in schools. The curriculum documents have also suggested teachers to integration ICT in their classrooms teaching and learning processes. This study focuses on the use of ICT in schools of Pakistan and it is restricted to four major cities of Pakistan. The study investigates students’ and teachers’ use of ICT in their everyday life. The study also explores students’ views of their teachers using ICT in classroom teaching learning and assessment. The data were collected using survey questionnaire from students studying in secondary schools (classes 7, 8, 9, 10& 11.) and teachers teaching to secondary classes. The schools were invited to participate in this study. The study finds that students and teachers have access to computers in schools and at home and they use computer for different purposes, such as, entertainment, communication, and education. The study also highlights differences amongst teachers and students about what technology to be used in classroom and for what purposes. The study discovers two opposite views. On the one hand teachers believe they use ICT effectively while on the other hand students disagree with their teacher’s idea of ICT integration in classroom.
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