• Dignity Therapy and the Case of the Testaments of Abraham: Biblical and Early post-Biblical Precursors to Chochinov’s Generativity Documents in Stephan Probst, ed., Die Begleitung Kranker undSterbender im Judentum: Bikkur Cholim, jüdische Seelsorge und das jüdischeVerständnis von Medizin und Pflege. Berlin: Hentrich & Hentrich, 2017, pp. 64 – 108.

    Shani Tzoref (see profile)
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    Grief and Bereavement, Biblical studies
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    In his 2012 book, Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days, H.M. Chochinov outlines a method that he has developed, tested and refined for the preparation of “Generativity Documents” in the course of “Dignity Therapy” designed for certain terminally ill patients. In his preface, Chochinov discusses the biblical account of the patriarch Jacob’s last words to his children in Genesis 49. The reference to this biblical precedent provides a frame for Chochinov’s presentation of his contemporary technique, which he states “can promote spiritual and psychological well being, engender meaning and hope, and enhance endof-life experience.” In this article, Chochinov’s model is used as a framework for analyzing a cluster of ancient biblical and exegetical texts concerning the final words attributed to an earlier biblical figure, Jacob’s grandfather, Abraham. The excerpts are taken from three compositions: the biblical book of Genesis, the Book of Jubilees (generally dated to the second century BCE), and the Testament of Abraham (generally dated to the first or second century CE).
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