• Disaster Management Program Compliance and Problems Encountered in Two Provinces in Central Luzon, Philippines

    John Mark R. Asio (see profile)
    Environmental Humanities, Public Humanities
    Disasters--Sociological aspects, Communities, Weather, Climatology
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    Disaster Management, Natural Calamity, Compliance, Sociology of disaster, Community, Weather and climate
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    Disaster management is one area in the field that comes with a heavy burden of administrative functions and compliances. Thus, it is vital to consider among managers to put the best man in the field. The purpose of this study is to find out the disaster management program compliance of participants in two provinces in Central Luzon, Philippines. At the same time, identify the problems encountered during the implementation of the programs. This study used a descriptive design with the survey as a primary instrument in data gathering. 110 participants took part in the survey which came from the two selected provinces. The researcher created a questionnaire for the study which underwent validity and reliability test. This study analyzed the gathered data using SPSS 20 and employed the following statistical tools: frequency, percentage, rank, means, t-test, ANOVA, and Pearson-r. The study found that the respondents ``moderately complied'' with disaster prevention and mitigation programs and disaster preparedness programs. On the other hand, respondents ``complied'' with the disaster response programs and disaster recovery and rehabilitation programs. There were no statistical differences in the responses of respondents with different disaster management programs. However, there is a significant relationship between the number of family members and disaster response programs. Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommended pertinent suggestions for the community, policy-makers, and local government units.
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