• Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

    Janey Oliphint Flanagan, Deborah Greenblatt
    André Carrington
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    Curatorial note from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: The Mapping the Futures of Higher Education (MFHE) course at the City University of New York (CUNY) supplements the cultural and political geography of the metropolis with student-centered timelines and genealogies. The course “emphasized student-centered pedagogies and digital innovation and its practical application within diverse undergraduate classrooms at CUNY.” Measures meant to empower undergraduates and graduate student instructors were crucial to its success and integral to its potential implications for future projects that use digital tools to enhance and represent spatial knowledge. Evaluators noted that workshops on mapping software and data management would have enhanced the course by enabling students to produce more technically sophisticated maps; for courses of study that have the objective of imparting or refining those technical skills, mapping their institutions in accordance with local, community-sourced concerns like those of the MFHE students is an ideal summative assessment. Instructors and students interested in mapping their settings can employ the insights of the final report in order to outline what student-centered, technology-assisted learning means in their courses, for example by reporting the balance of anxiety and motivation ascribed to their respective responsibilities, maintaining an inventory of their skills and needs, and collaborating to design future courses that use the maps they create and the information represented therein as resources.
    This deposit is part of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities. Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities is a peer-reviewed, open-access publication edited by Rebecca Frost Davis, Matthew K. Gold, Katherine D. Harris, and Jentery Sayers, and published by the Modern Language Association. https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/.
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