• The Abe-Trump Relationship

    Yalın Akçevin (see profile)
    International relations, Japan, United States
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    Donald Trump, Japanese foreign relations, personal diplomacy, Shinzo Abe, United States of America
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    This article deals with the personal relationship that has emerged between US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as a part of Abe's foreign policy and analyzes its impact on Japan's foreign relations and political-diplomatic prospects. As a key alliance in keeping the peace in the Asia-Pacific, the rise of personalized diplomacy at such an intensity is a novel development for the relations between the two allies and has a significant bearing on PM Abe's goals for Japan's future in the region. Focusing on how PM Abe has cultivated his relationship with President Trump and how their individual styles of diplomacy affect personal and national relations, this study aims to understand how Abe's foreign policy goals are impacted or served by such personalized relations with President Trump. I argue that, PM Abe's use of personalized diplomacy with President Trump is a foreign policy push by the Japanese to carve out their own niche alongside their US allies and open the way for greater proactivity in Japan's foreign relations.
    I have deposited this as an "article", however, please note that this was a term paper written for a graduate course titled "Japan's International Relations". I have edited the file to remove any personal information - such as my student ID - and kept the body of the work intact in terms of content.
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