• The Ed Media Center: A Second Life Professional Development Model for Relational Aesthetics

    Julian Crooks, June Julian (see profile)
    Aesthetics, Career development, Art teachers--Training of, Computer literacy
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    Virtual Exhibitions, Pedagogy of Wonder, Relational Aesthetics, Second LIfe, Technology in Art Education, Professional development, Art teacher education, Digital literacy
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    The Ed Media Center in Second Life provides multiple professional development opportunities for art educators to explore the educational potential of virtual worlds together. Since it’s launch in 2009, it has hosted numerous events that address contemporary students’ learning preferences and that enable artists and art educators to become effective Internet content creators in an age of rampant content consumption. Because of its intrinsic qualities as a performative research piece that was created by social practice artists specifically to conduct, observe and record human interactions, Relational Aesthetics is an appropriate critical framework. Within its full schedule of events, the Ed Media Center is theoretically grounded implicitly in Relational Aesthetics and continues to prove to be an effective professional model of it. Of all the professional development events held in the Ed Media Center, the sequence of exhibitions held in its Cerulean Gallery most clearly illustrates how Relational Aesthetics operates within that venue to promote a collaborative Pedagogy of Wonder.
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