• “Caring about Sharing”: Copyright and Student Academic Integrity in the University Learning Management System

    Roger Gillis (see profile)
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    The issue of sharing course material outside of the classroom is very much intertwined with academic integrity and information literacy issues. This chapter explores the key issues surrounding this topic. First, this chapter explores the ill-conceived notions that might exist around students’ perceptions that everything on the internet is free and can be shared. This chapter explains that copyright—as it relates to the sharing of course materials through third-party sites—is part of a larger conversation about academic integrity and information literacy. Also, this chapter will explore ways in which postsecondary institutions and instructors have responded to the issue and what actions have been taken to prevent the unauthorized sharing of course material. In seeking potential solutions for this problem, this chapter examines the place that copyright occupies within academic integrity and what conversations and collaborations might occur among academic integrity offices, information literacy initiatives, and copyright offices to attempt to address this issue. As part of this, the sharing of teaching material as part of open pedagogy and open educational resources are explored and whether some course materials should be licensed in such a way to facilitate sharing and reuse (such as through the use of Creative Commons licensing) to optimize student learning and promote academic integrity.
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