• Computer Graphic in Digital Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage: On The Case of Borobudur Relief

    Banung Grahita (see profile)
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    Visualization, Technology, and Cultural Heritage
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    Institut Teknologi Bandung and Balai Konservasi Borobudur
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    Magelang, Indonesia
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    9-10 November 2017
    computer graphic, Digital heritage, Cultural archiving
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    Preservation of a cultural heritage need to be supported by knowledge dissemination. Without this matter, value of the cultural heritage will not be understood by public, as a consequence the effort of preservation could be more difficult or worse, it could be useless. By advancement of technology, digitalization can be performed to make dissemination easier. However, dissemination of knowledge is not only rely on digitalization, it is also related to communication issues. The digital information which is created is should be accessible, interesting and easy to be understood as well. So that, information design is needed. Information design is a practice of presenting digital information in a way that fosters efficient an effective understanding of it. In context of information design for cultural heritage, the need of digital representation is occurs. Basically, various approaches could be used to create digital representation, but in information design, selected approach and type of representation should be well planned by considering the goal of communication and its target communicant. On this occasion, one approach utilizing computer graphic particularly vector graphic to reconstruct heritage digitally is discussed. This approach has wide potential application to answer the communication problems. Using Borobudur relief as a case, advantages, method, and application of vector graphic reconstruction in context of information design are explained.
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