• Jeff Guido, oral history transcript, 10/10/2017

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    Stefano Alonzi, Patrick Clancy, Sean Connell
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    1890 House Museum, Wickwire, Cortland NY, SUNY Cortland
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    Interviewee: Jeff Guido Interviewers: Stefano Alonzi, Sean Connell, Patrick Clancy Date: October 10, 2017 Location: History Department Office, Old Main, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, New York Length: 47:01 Jeff Guido was born in Cortland, New York on April 25, 1968 and has lived here his whole life. His mother’s grandmother emigrated here from England in the early 19th century with her older sister. Jeff’s family was involved in the industrial growth of Cortland during the economic boom. His great grandmother worked within the 1890 House, which at the time was the home of the Wickwire family, who were the owners of the Wickwire factory. His grandfather was an established factory worker, who climbed in the ranks until he had almost 400 people under him. His father was born in Clinton, New York, and completed university degree at SUNY Cortland where he met Jeff’s mother. His father worked as a teacher at Homer High School for many years, and his mother worked in a doctor’s office in Cortland. Jeff followed the footsteps of his father and graduated from Cortland High School, and continued his post secondary degree, studying History at SUNY Oswego. He completed his Teaching certification at SUNY Cortland and now works at Cortland High School. Jeff currently lives in Cortland, New York with his wife and three daughters and is an active member in the community. Jeff explains the obvious change in demographics that Cortland has seen through the industrial boom and the evident decline in economic wealth. He highlights the factories value to the Cortland community during the early stages of industrialization and how it shaped the town. Jeff held a position on City Council for 2 terms, which allowed him to understand the issues raised by the population of Cortland. He brings awareness to the importance of the university in this small community and its value to the town of Cortland. Jeff also gives perspective on the...
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