• Veronica Martin, oral history transcript, 10/5/2017

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    Patrick McGuckin, Matt McNally, Michael Mirabile, Brenna Venth
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    Cortland NY, SUNY Cortland, 1890 House Museum, Wickwire
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    Interviewers: Brenna Venth, Matt McNally, Michael Mirabile, and Patrick McGuckin Date: October 5, 2017 Veronica Martin was born on February 4, 1935 in Cortland, New York to her parents, both whom were Italian immigrants. Veronica’s real name is Marian, however, that is a name that was passed down through her family, so when she became old enough, she asked people to call her Veronica. She was an only child and grew up surrounded by the love of her parents. Growing up in Cortland her entire life, she watched as the city of Cortland blossomed into what it is today, and what was prior. In Cortland, there were multiple stores and minimal restaurants different of how it is today. Her father and mother were both Italian immigrants, while her mother had a harder time assimilating to American society, and struggled to speak English. While her father assimilated rather quickly, he obtained several janitorial jobs for several stores downtown. Growing up during this time Veronica witnessed World War II and the effects it had on society. Food was rationed and many men that worked in the community were sent to war. After many years of Veronica’s father instructing that her mother learn English she attended classes. She then took the test to become a naturalized citizen. Veronica attended St. Mary’s School when she was a child and continued her education in college by attending the Eastman Dental Dispensary. She received her degree as a dental hygienist. After working as a dental hygienist in one of the county schools for a year, she went back to school to get her BS in Health Education at SUNY Cortland. In the midst of earning another degree, she met her husband, Richard. They got married in 1961. She had three boys, John and Joseph, who were twins, and her youngest, Thomas, born in 1967. Upon getting her degree there were no health education jobs. She went back to dental hygiene in the Tully and Fabius Schools for six years. Mrs. Martin then worked for the Groton Health...
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