• Practice of Women's Rights in Himalayan Region Focused on Upper Mustang.

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    Himalayan Region, Upper Mustang, Women's rights, Women Rights, Gender and sexualities, Gender and sexuality
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    This study is focused on the women and girls of 7 villages called Upper Mustang and middle Mustang in Mustang district. To explore the situation of women and girls with the angle of their rights as per the provisions made by international convention and national legal aspects is the main objective of the study. About 60 women and girls are interviewed, experts and authority have been consulted and the focal group discussions and verification meetings are held with the intensive observation of two weeks to get the objective respecting all the formalities of the research methods. Finally findings and recommendations have been made that the lack of the government policy and program for the facilitation and supporting to the women and girls in the region is the point which is highlighted with the several logic and evidences. A glimpse on the findings of the study can be synopsized as follows: • Women and girls have got more workload than the men and boys in the region of Upper Mustang • About 95 percent of the women have not got any fix property in their names • Women and girls are deprived to the opportunity and facility of the education and health care • They don’t have knowledge on their rights defined by international conventions and local legislative • They don’t have access to the proper agencies for the remedies as they been assaulted and abused • More than two thousands women and girls are desperately waiting for the supports that bring them up turning to be a normal citizen of the civilized society respecting all ideal indicators.
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