• A Feminist Coven in the University

    Jess Linz, Araby Smyth (see profile)
    Feminism, Affect (Psychology), Materialism
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    Conference paper
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    Kentucky Gender and Women’s Studies Conference
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    University of Kentucky
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    Lexington, Kentucky
    Conf. Date:
    September 16, 2017
    university, emotional labor, Affect
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    Inspired by Sara Ahmed’s call to study what is near to you, we write about our sometimes-joyful, sometimes-furious, but always passionate struggles as graduate students in the academy. As a site of competition, scarcity, imperialism, racism, and patriarchy, the university grinds especially hard on women, people of color, black, indigenous, queer, disabled, and otherwise marginalized scholars. Out of a desire not just to get by or get ahead in this hostile space, we write about a feminist praxis that subverts the academy through collaboration and alchemy. Using collaborative auto-ethnography, asynchronous online interviews, and co-theorization, we conjure a network of rebels - what we call the feminist coven. We solicited contributions from feminist graduate students in response to three prompts about forms of communication, emotional labor, and utopian imaginaries. Our findings show a vibrant landscape of creativity, love, rage, and longing for academia to be a more hospitable place. We and our contributors, whose voices pepper this article, offer ideas for how to summon new worlds and ways of being through small actions and everyday practices, subverting the violence of the academy by being the storm.
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