• How to Ping Pong? Designing and Tutoring an Online International Introductory Course: A View from a Tutor

    Paula Simoes (see profile)
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    Conference paper
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    E-learning history, the present and the future
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    eHLEE eHistory Learning Environment and Evaluation
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    Video Conference
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    12 June 2006
    eLearning, Learning Management System, Digital pedagogy, Online education, Pedagogy
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    During the scholarly years of 2005/06 and 2006/07, the University of Uppsala and the University of Coimbra had a joint two-year master program “Roads to Democracy(ies)”, conceived according to Tuning educational principles. In this master, the students can choose if they want to exchange university in the second semester. The students, who choose to exchange, have in the first semester an extra seminar, a common online introductory course, using a Learning Management System (LMS) – Ping Pong. In the third and fourth semester, students have to write their thesis. The main goal of the common online seminar is to put students from the two countries working together and sharing knowledge. In this article, we provide a step by step description of what we did to design the introductory course of the Masters in "Roads to Democracy(ies)", using Ping Pong, a Learning Management System (LMS). Furthermore, we discuss the decisions we made about usability and design of the course. Our main goal is to provide a manual of best practices in how to set up an online class. The slides for this presentation can be found here on Humanities Commons at http://dx.doi.org/10.17613/M6WG1D.
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