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    The study sets out to examine in detail a Carnegie Shadowing Group in a large urban comprehensive school, questioning what the impact may be of participation in such a group. This piece of action research takes place in the context of a wider literature-based enquiry into the nature and benefits of reading for pleasure and what may motivate young people to read in their spare time. An extensive literature review is followed by original research observing a shadowing group. The observation includes records of group meetings and activities, questionnaires and group interview findings. The research also makes use of library and reading scheme data to illustrate the school context in which the group takes place and observe the impact of participation. Reading for pleasure is shown by the literature review to impact significantly on academic attainment across the curriculum. It is revealed to be a very powerful means of closing the gap between students from differing socio-economic backgrounds. Further, the literature review also reveals that reading for pleasure improves social skills and happiness, reducing stress and increasing acceptance of diversity in real life. Participation in a reading community is shown to be a highly significant factor in improving attitudes to and engagement with reading for pleasure. The shadowing group is shown to be effective in broadening and diversifying students' reading. It indicates that students value the opportunity to share their reading in a way which differs from their lessons. Data also indicates that participation in the group helps to keep students engaged with their school library even after the scheme has finished. The benefits expressed by the students are all echoed in the literature as being part of the wider benefits of reading for pleasure, and so it is concluded that the shadowing group was effective in encouraging reading and fostering a reading community in which the full range of benefits can flourish.
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