TopicCFP: Globalization and Violence

13th ESSE CONFERENCE National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland), 22-26 August 2016.   CFP: SEMINAR ON “GLOBALIZATION AND VIOLENCE” Conveners: Pilar Cuder-Domínguez (U of Huelva, Spain, Cinta Ramblado-Minero (U of Limerick, Ireland,   One of the characteristics of postmodernity is the global flow of people, goods, capital, and information within a single system […]

DepositThe Hirschfeld Archives: Violence, Death, and Modern Queer Culture

The book examines little known and forgotten writings by Magnus Hirschfeld, the influential sexologist who is best known today for his homosexual activism, transgender work and founding of the world’s first Institute of Sexual Science in 1919. Arguing that negative experiences, as much as affirmative subculture formation, shaped a collective sense of modern same-sex identity, it reveals the gendered and racialized limits of the emerging homosexual rights movement in the West.

DepositViolence, Time, and Memory in Beowulf: The Feast Hall as Cultural Reliquary

A reading of Beowulf that theorizes Heorot as a cultural reliquary, in so doing troubling the more standard readings of this poem as a series of episodes and digressions, in favor of focusing more on the as-yet inadequately examined queer temporalities of human experiences in the world that are embedded within the feast hall and the poem that contains it.