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“Dating The Woman from Ancona: Venice and Ruzante’s Theater after Cambrai.” Sixteenth Century Journal 31 (2000): 963-85.

“The Shepherd Meets the Cowherd: Ruzante’s Pastora…

theater and society in Renaissance Italy, especially Venice and the Po Valley

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I am the founding director of the Cuban Theater Digital Archive and curator of Cuban Culture on the Edge. I publish in the fields of Latin American and Latinx cultural studies, theater and performance studies, and Digital Humanities. In addition to scholarly articles in journals such as The Drama ReviewGestosOllantay Theater MagazineTablas, and Conjunto, I co-edited the first book on Latina performance artists (Latinas on Stage, 2000). I also co-edited the first book in Spanish on Cuban American theater (Teatro cubano actual: dramaturgia escrita en los Estados Unidos, Havana 2005). I am finishing a book manuscript on Cuban theater in the US, Marginality Beyond Return: US-Cuban Performances and Politics. I have also directed the filming and editing for archival purposes of over 100 theater productions, in Cuba and the United States, both equity and non-equity. In addition to the theater archive, I have published a bilingual online exhibit Cuban Theater in Miami: 1960-1980 (with Beatriz Rizk), and El Ciervo Encantado: An Altar in the Mangroves (with Jaime Gómez Triana). I am also working on Sites that Speak: Miami Through its Performing Arts Spaces in Spanish. As a community engaged scholar, I have been involved in the development of cultural dialogues between Cuba and the US using theater and performance since 1993. My research and cultural projects have been funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, American Council of Learned Societies, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Cuban Artist Fund, and Puentes Cubanos.