MemberJoshua Pederson

…BA, English (Honors), University of Michigan, 2000
Ph.D, Religion and Literature, Boston University, 2008…

“Toward a Literary Theory of Moral Injury.”  Narrative.  January 2020.

“Dangerous God, Sacred Work: Ned Cobb’s Theology.”  Religion and Literature.  Fall 2019.

“Trauma and Narrative.”  Cambridge Critical Concepts: Trauma and Literature.  Ed. Roger Kurtz.  Cambridg…

religion and literature, the Bible, the contemporary novel, and trauma theory

MemberMimi Winick

…Seminar: “Feminisms, Modernisms, Religions,” with Elizabeth Anderson and Jenny Hyest, MSA (Modernist Studies Association), October 2019, Toronto, Canada….
…Book project:  Fantastic Scholarship: Literature, Religion, and the Quest for Knowledge at the Formation of the Modern Humanities…

Victorian literature, Modernist literature, religion and literature, science and literature, gender and sexuality, women writers