MemberJoshua Pederson

…BA, English (Honors), University of Michigan, 2000
Ph.D, Religion and Literature, Boston University, 2008…
…the year in Narrative, the journal of the International Society for the Study of Narrative.

“The Writer as Dervish: Sufism and Poetry in Orhan Pamuk.”  Religion and Literature.  Fall 2014.

“Signifying Moses to Death: Hurston and Reed, Disowning Exodus.”  Twentieth-Century Literature.  Fall 2012.

religion and literature, the Bible, the contemporary novel, and trauma theory

MemberMimi Winick

…Seminar: “Feminisms, Modernisms, Religions,” with Elizabeth Anderson and Jenny Hyest, MSA (Modernist Studies Association), October 2019, Toronto, Canada….
…Book project:  Fantastic Scholarship: Literature, Religion, and the Quest for Knowledge at the Formation of the Modern Humanities…

Victorian literature, Modernist literature, religion and literature, science and literature, gender and sexuality, women writers