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…My most recent book–The Language of Vision: Photography and Southern Literature in the 1930s and After–appeared from Louisiana State University Press in 2016. See more details at <;.

My new book-Shadowy Autobiography: Robert Penn Warren and Other Makers of American Literature-U of Tennessee P should appear in 2020. For more details, see my fi…

My research interests concern American literature, film, and photography–with a special emphasis on the twentieth-century South.

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…eral Frame.” Forthcoming in Social Text.Summer 2019.


“What is the Future of Psychoanalysis in the Academy?” Questionnaire response. Psychoanalysis and History20.1 (2018). 23.

“Colonial Violence and Photography” in The Uprising of 1857: The Alkazi Collection of Photography. Ed. Rosie Lellywellyn-Jones, Grantha Press: 2017. pp. 192-215.


“Domesticity and Kitsch in Amber Hammad’s photography.” PIX Ma…

Zahid R. Chaudhary specializes in postcolonial studies, visual culture, and critical theory. His first book, Afterimage of Empire: Photography in Nineteenth-Century India, provides a historical and philosophical account of early photography in India, analyzing how aesthetic experiments in colonial photographic practice shed light on the changing nature of perception and notions of truth, memory, and embodiment. His current book project, Impunity: Notes on a Global Tendency, analyzes juridical, economic, political, and aesthetic aspects of the practices of impunity from the Cold War to the present, from postcolonial states to the United States. The book considers documentary film, contemporary art, development projects, and architecture. He has also published articles in differences, Cultural Critique, boundary 2, South Asia, and Camera Obscura.