MemberLauren Eriks Cline

…“Epistolary Liveness: Wilkie Collins, Fanny Kemble, and the Victorian Actress in Letters.” Theatre Survey. Forthcoming, 2019.

“Audiences Writing Race in Shakespeare Performance.” Shakespeare Studies. Forthcoming, 2019.

“Keyword: Performance.” Victorian Literature & Culture 46.3/4 (Fall/Winter 2018): 795-99.

“‘Mere Lookers-on at Life’: Point of View and Spectator Nar…

I am an interdisciplinary scholar of literature and performance, with research and teaching experience in literary approaches to drama and the novel, in performance studies and theatre history, and in feminist and critical race theories. 

MemberJoy Palacios

I hold a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and I study theatrical and liturgical performance in early modern France. Research and teaching themes include theater and drama, age of Louis XIV, Catholic Counter-Reformation, devotional literature, life writing, court culture, material and visual culture, ritual and performance theory, archival research methods.